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Zayn Malik Breaks IG Silence Amidst Gigi Hadid’s Due Date Nears


Gigi Hadid has been pregnant for more than 8 months by now. She can expect her baby daughter to arrive at any moment this month. She did not reveal anything about her pregnancy for the last few months. She thought that many people are suffering from the pandemic, and it won’t be a nice idea to post her pregnancy at this time when people are facing problems while delivering babies due to coronavirus situations. Very recently, she posted some Instagram posts of her baby bump.

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33 weeks ♡

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Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Zayn Malik has broken the silence on Instagram by posting his new tattoos captioned, “Got some stuff to show ya soon”. His picture shows his back with a rose tattooed at the top and a city towards the lower spine. There were conspiracies about the tattoo unless Gigi Hadid posted two exclamations. The conspiracy took a turn, and people started gossiping that this might be something about their daughter. It may be about their baby, but nothing is yet confirmed.

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Got some stuff to show ya soon!

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What’s Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik up to These Days

Gigi and Zayn have moved back to New York where they reside together. The couple has been spending time together. During this quarantine and their relationship has grown even stronger during this period. They are reading a lot of parenting books together and planning space for their baby together.

However, they are picking up things together to decorative and keep in their daughter’s room. This would be Zayn’s first kid he would share with Gigi. The parenting thing has brought the couple closer than ever, and they are experiencing the pregnancy together very happily.

Whatever Zayn might have posted the tattoo for, the truth is it has the story of his baby girl. The excitement of becoming a parent is always the best thing for a person, and maybe Zayn wanted to store it as a tattoo.

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