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Kelly Clarkson Shares Distorted Experiences of Sending Kids to School Amidst Pandemic


With the school opening amidst the pandemic has got many parents worried. But schools have made strict rules for the students to take all the necessary precautions. And one of the parents sending their kids to school is Kelly Clarkson.

She recently opened up about her experience of sending her 4-year-old son off to school in the middle of a pandemic

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Singer Kelly Clarkson shared her experience of sending her son Remington Alexander to school. In a recent interview, she said that when she dropped her son to school, she realized that things have dynamically changed. Especially when she thinks about her son interacting with all his classmates after spending months isolating at home. 

Clarkson further said that it’s not a Groundhog Day now. It’s all different, and things have changed. She said there’s a different kind of vibe and lightness that Remington seems to face in school. 

The mother of two continued and said that she thinks it’s a bit easier to instruct adults. It’s easy to tell them to do or not do certain things else they can’t come to work. But with super young kids, it’s not easy to explain and to not see them getting scared. She said that it’s challenging and overwhelming. But she is managing to deal with it. 

When asked about her personal experience of dealing with the pandemic, Clarkson said that it’s just like everybody else. Some days are good, and some days pass by. Its a different kind of dark comedy, she concluded. 

What’s up with Kelly Clarkson These Days 

Kelly Clarkson was recently in the news for talking about her new album. In an interview, she revealed that her new album would be a super personal one. The upcoming album will be about relationships. It would feature everything from the time when the relationship is new and to the time when it ends. And even after what happens to the people after the break-up. 

Kelly Clarkson filed from divorce with husband Brandon Blackstock in June this year.

The schools are opening up amidst the pandemic in the US. And this has gotten the parents worried. And Kelly Clarkson had her own experience too. She took her 4-year-old to school and realized that the ways kids interact with each other in class have changed.

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