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Kendrick Lamar Confronts Copyright Infringement against ‘LOYALTY’


Kendrick Lamar has faced copyright infringement regarding his song “Loyalty.” The song was released in 2011, and a remix of the song hit the box office in 2016. Terrence Hayes has claimed copyright on the song. Saying that the song ” Loyalty” is copied from his song named “Dedication.” That was released in the same year. The copyright case is now taken to California court, and the trial continues. If you are interested to know more about the lawsuit, then scroll below to learn more.


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Terrance Martin claimed that Kendrick Lamar had copied the entire content of the song. Including the lyrics, music, title, and everything. However, the only thing that Kendrick did is that he had modified the music. Adding and subtracting some beats and some music segments show that it does not violate the copyright. Kendrick, however, has claimed that the song is his creation. And he has created it along with Terrance Martin. Also, the original copy of the song is present in his device.

Kendrick Lamar Confronts Copyright Infringement against ‘LOYALTY’

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There is always some or the other thing that faces copyright. The recent upcoming movie Enola Holmes also faced similar copyright infringement. Besides, the singer Kendrick may or may not have taken the song from somewhere. But it can’t be stated with confirmation until the court announces its decision if it gets proved that the song was copied. Then definitely, Kendrick will have to pay for the compensation amount to Terrence Hayes.

There are many cases of music and audio copyright going on the internet today. It’s not sure if they are intentional or genuine. However, there might be a certain similarity in the music. But it may not say as copied until it sounds like a replicated one. Thus, the trial for this case will get interesting this time.

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