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Kanye West Responds on Taking Steroid Injections for Texting too Much


Kanye West is taking steroid injections

Kanye West is now at the hospital, and he shares his health status. Kanye West is taking steroid injections for typing continuously for a long time. The singer has been so much into social media that his social media involvement is showing the consequences. It is not good for anyone to oversee the screen and type too much. He has been into the presidency for a few months. There are other issues as well in which Kanye West is getting highlighted.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Kanye West

Kanye West said from the hospital that he is taking steroid injections for overusing his social media. On Tuesday, the 43 years old rapper said that he had been admitted to the hospital for texting too much. Kanye said that he had taken Lidocaine, and that worked instantly. The rapper uploaded a video in which he can be seen taking the injection while the doctor was injecting it. The injection was loaded with dexamethasone, which takes 24 to 48 hours to come into effect, after which an individual can have modern medicines.

What’s Kanye West up to These Days

Kanye West’s unreleased song, “Feel Me,” was recently dropped by the music director. In this video, Kylie was seen to come out of Kim’s vagina, which means that Kim gave birth to Kylie. This has become a subject of odd comments recently. However, Odds started arriving on Instagram and YouTube. Soon after, the video was uploaded on social media. Eli Russel Linnetz has also added to the odd comments and, have dropped a comment.

Like Kanye West, many people are so much into social media and face the same kind of problems. It is okay if we do everything under a limit. However, excess of anything may end up taking steroids to minimize the pain.

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