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Hillary Swank Sues SAG AFTRA for Allegedly Discriminating Women in Health Care Coverage


Hilary Swank recently called out the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists for denying to cover her issues in the health plan. She filed the lawsuit on August 8. 

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The P.S I Love You star recently took the SAG-AFTRA to court after they have allegedly denied covering her health treatment. In the lawsuit filed by Swank, she has accused the board of not covering her ovary cysts’ treatments because of their misunderstanding.

She claims that the board thought that she underwent the treatment for infertility issues. In the lawsuit, she says that the board relies on the notion that all issues regarding ovaries are only linked to reproducing. 

Her doctors have confirmed in the lawsuit that Swank wasn’t demanding coverage for fertility concerns. But for ovarian cysts. And even though it was clarified long back, the board didn’t give her the approval. 

In a recent interview, Swank said that she chose to take action because she knows that many other women face similar issues. She called the board’s policies as barbaric as they only see women’s bodies for the sole purpose of procreating. 

Even though she has the financials to cover her expenses, she wants to do it for other women. Hilary said that many women could not afford such medical treatments. She said that the policies of the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan say that the treatment is for all members equally. However, the reality seems to be far from what they claim. 

What’s up with Hilary Swank These Days 

Hilary Swank has been pretty much out of the limelight for a long time. She said she had decided to take a step back for her father, who is sick. However, it seems like she is back. She will be seen in the Netflix series Away, who joins NASA for the Mars trip. 

Hilary Swank recently was in the news for getting back on the screen. But she is back with social justice and standing up for others. Swank recently sued SAG-AFTRA for allegedly showing discrimination towards female treatment. Well, we hope the truth prevails!

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