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Exploring the Presidential Bid of Kanye West and his Psyche

Kanye West on a rampage after announcing his will to join the US Presidential run. The rapper has been portraying bipolar syndrome ever since this happened. All of this has been creating a lot of problems in his life lately.


Kanye West very well sensationalized the upcoming US Presidential elections. He has been all around the media radar because of his bid to contest in the election. Fans took this move of his with mixed reactions. Let us explore why West turned out to be liked as a presidential candidate.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Kanye West and Donald trump

The iconic rapper has was brought up by his mother, who was an English lecturer. So, its is evident that he very well as a part of the middle-class blacks community. His father was a photojournalist. In his earlier raps, the rapper used to touch minute elements prevailing in the society. This has given an edge to him. But then again, he started rapping about the hoes and goes.

The fact that he was being considered a good candidate for Presidential elections was because he had seen life as being black closely. But then his mental issues came up. After coming out of the hospital, he was seen advocating for Donald Trump. This very well establishes Kanye‘s bipolar situation.

What’s Kanye West up to these Days

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has come to an end. Rumor has it that Kris Jenner over the fear of their family’s name getting soiled. It is being said that the unpredictable and deranged behavior of Kanye is being considered as a deterrent to their family name. It looks like netizens believe that it was West after all behind the show getting canceled.

Moreover, West has been on battling with his life choices and mental health issues.

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