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Eminem’s Home Invader Wanted to Kill the Rapper During Break in


The police officer who responded to Eminem’s April 2020 home invasion revealed some chilling news. On September 9, at the court hearing, Adam Hackstock, the officer in charge, disclosed the invader’s real intention and motive. The invader, Matthew David Hughes, wanted to kill the rapper that day. Hackstock testified in court that Hughes indeed told Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, that he hoped to kill him.

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The invader, Matthew David Hughes

Besides, Eminem came face-to-face with the intruder at his home in Detroit, Michigan, on April 5. The intruder, Hughes, broke into the rapper’s house with a brick which he used to smash the glass window. In his testimony, Hackstock states that Eminem woke up from his sleep to find someone (a man) standing behind him. The rapper first thought it was his nephew before realizing that he doesn’t know the man. 

Moreover, Hackstock added that when Eminem asked the man why he was there, the intruder said that he wanted to kill him. The rapper seemingly ushered the man out through various rooms in his house to the nearby exit.

When Hackstock arrived at the scene, he saw Hughes wrestling and fighting with a security guard. Officials arrested the man on first degree home invasion charges, and he’s been behind bars since then. Hughes didn’t carry any weapon with him inside the premises. Meanwhile, his court-appointed attorney blames the incident on mental issues.

What’s Eminem up to These Days


Mathers didn’t attend the court proceeding for unknown reasons. However, his attorney watched the entire ordeal on video. Despite the break-in, Eminem has jumped back into action with his extraordinary rapping. He made a feature in Big Sean’s new track’ Friday Night Cypher.’ The track from Sean’s new album, Detroit 2, dropped on September 4 and included many guest appearances. Last month, the hashtag #RIPEminem suddenly went viral on Twitter and left his fans extremely worried.

Furthermore, the Judge has called for a trial on September 28 after finding a factor. It’s unclear if Eminem will attend the trial, unlike this time. Until then, Hughes will remain in prison with a bond set at $50,000. 

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