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10 Surprising Facts about Peppa Pig

1. Peppa Pig was created by three out-of-work friends:                                                The idea for Peppa Pig came to Neville Astley and Mark Baker in 2000. The pair were animators, but without work and money. So they borrowed money from friends and family to make Peppa happen.

2. For BBC, Peppa Pig was the one that got away:                                                                  The trio were originally working on a different show for the BBC. But when scheduling issues arose, they instead took Peppa Pig to Channel 5 in the UK.

3. It was an instant hit:                            Some shows take their time to find their feet, but not Peppa Pig. Instead, 12 months later their release they earned $1.5 million and BAFTA.

4. Peppa has been voiced by 3 different people:                                            Since Peppa Pig first debuted in 2004, three people have voiced the title character.

5. Peppa has gone Global:                    Peppa began her adventures in the UK. Peppa Pig is seen in more than 200 countries worldwide and is believed to be worth over $1 billion in sales worldwide.

6. One of its episode was banned in Australia:                                                      The episode “Mister Skinnylegs” features Daddy Pig talking spiders can’t really hurt you. Whereas, it was offensive to Australia.

7. There are two Peppa Pig theme parks:       One is a theme park at Paultons Family Theme Park in Hampshire, England. In 2018, a second park named Peppa Pig Land opened at Italy’s Gardaland Resort.

8. Peppa has been hacked:                   Peppa Pig was hacked back in 2013. The page was flooded with spam pictures and messages and eventually had to be taken down.

9. Peppa has appeared on British Stamps:  In 2014, Peppa got the ultimate seal of approval when the British Royal Mail.

10. Miss Rabbit received an award from Queen for taking on so many different jobs.

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