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Mary J. Blige’s Journey to Self-Love Unraveled During Pandemic

Mary J. Blige, the sensational actress, and musician have made a groundbreaking revelation. For most of us, this period of staying indoors has been really hard. But Blige turned such an uneventful situation into something positive. Looks like this is what winners do.


Mary J. Blige

Source: Health

Mary just recently posed for Health magazine. While conversing she highlighted some ver enlightening aspects about the way she has been perceiving life. She said that all this time indoors with her own self gave her time to thick. She reflected on her own self and appreciated herself for what she is can be.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Mary J. Blige

Source: Health

Blige has had a number of eventful situations in her life. After her all public divorce and her being on the media radar, she has been accustomed to a lot of negativity. But this quarantine time of hers at home really gave her time to help herself on a personal level. She said in the interview that she chants that she is a smart woman and all good things about herself on a daily basis. This has really helped her to grow on a personal level. This is really good for her. All this time indoors in the wake of the pandemic indeed proved beneficial for her.

What’s Mary J. Blige up t these Days

Blige has been really busy lately. We will get to see her playing Dinah Washington in the Aretha Franklin biopic Respect. This film is going to get released in the year 2021. So, the actress has been keeping busy all along this time.

This little secret of Mary is a huge life lesson. It is good to befriend oneself sometimes. The act of self-love is important if you wish to stay content with our very life. Mary is really growing on a personal level.

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