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Lil Durk Visualizes Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Sales Projections in Exchange of Trolls


Tekashi 6ix9ine has been recently released from jail, but the matter of fact is he remained in headlines. He has been to Chicago very lately before his new album Tattle Tales was released to the public. He went to Chicago and paid tribute to Lil Durk‘s cousin, who was dead during the gunfire. Tekashi is already under the gangsters‘ threat, and now, he is even elevating his foes by such trolling activities. What is he trying to do exactly?

Detailed Info on the Breaking News:

There were many insult and threat attacks that both the rappers exchanged over social media. Now, to what Tekashi did in Chicago was a real fire without an extinguisher. Besides, Lil Durk said that Tekashi’s manager tried to convince him not to pack Tekashi in a sleeping bag, in exchange for $ 3 million. There are many more of the things that Tekashi exchanged with his fellow rapper. Tekashi is one of the most disliked rappers at the moment.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Says He Lives"Rent Free" In Lil Durk

What’s Tekashi69 up to These Days: 

Tekashi has released his new album named Tattle Tales very recently. Lil Durk has also released his new single on the same day called The Voice. Now, as already, competition is everywhere. Takeshi had again challenged and trolled the rapper, indicating his song’s lousy quality that will get no views. Lil Durk has uploaded an Instagram post in which he was holding a lot of trophies and captioned it that his album has already won awards before its release.

Tekashi is hopping like a mantis, and threats are getting attracted to him like a magnet. People dislike the rapper but not his songs. There is a competition between many rappers, but none have done any troll or insult to each other as Tekashi does. Hopefully, the rapper stops this soon.

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