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Julia Michaels Candidly Covers COVID-19 Post Recovery Story in Public

Netizens were all shocked when they came to know about Julia Michaels’ road to recovery from coronavirus. The songstress kept it to herself. But now she is all good. Yet she is really eager to make the world understand the fact that they must take coronavirus seriously. Michaels is all set to spread awareness about taking the pandemic seriously.


Julia Michaels

The popular singer recently broke her COVID-19 story. She revealed that she ended up contracting coronavirus from one of her close friends. So, this is how dangerous this virus can be. Even Julia did not know about it for six days after contracting it. She went on to say that she managed to recover well as

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Julia said that one of her closest friends who does her hair and makeup had coronavirus. she acted as the agent of transmission of the very virus. Even her friend did not know that she had the infection. After getting infected, the songstress did not know that she had. Michaels has really been asking people out there to stay indoors. Even after lockdown restrictions got eased and people started heading to gyms, she asked people to head out. Julia even went out to post-workout videos of hers. In there she can be seen exercising using household equipment with much ease.

What’s Julia Michaels up to these Days

Michales and JP Saxe performed their timely single, on the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. The duo’s performance was breathtaking indeed. This was their first collaboration. It has been getting a lot of appreciation from folks out there.

Julia considers herself lucky that she was healthy when the virus hit her. But not everyone is that lucky. So in these troubled times, it is necessary to ensure that we stay safe. This is what Michaels has been preaching all along.

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