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Jamie King’s Ex-Husband Kyle Newman Busted Series of Allegations

Her ex is bashing Jamie King. Kyle has made multiple allegations on the actress. All of these are money-related. According to him, King has gone forward and emptied their cash deposits before formally leaving him. This very action of hers has left him in a financial rumble.

Jamie King and Kyle Newman


In their 13 years of marriage, King and Newman went through various ups and downs. They tried to save their marriage till June this year but failed to do so. They could not find common ground. Thus, they ended up going their very own ways. But King left her ex-husband and kids in a very tough spot. In Kyle’s recent statement, he has said that King went on with her life without leaving any resources for him or the kids.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Jamie King and Kyle Newman with their kids

According to Kyle, the joint account that he and King created has been completely emptied y her. As a result of which he is now in a financial problem. He is not eve left with money to pay his attorneys. His role as a stay at home father has made it difficult for him to pay for his legal fees. Thus, he asked his ex to take care of it. In addition to this, Newman has also claimed that he was excluded from his family residence, too, by King.

Jamie King and Kyle Newman Relationship History

The duo had been married for 13 years until King filed a divorce in May this year, which left Kyle distraught. But to his relief, the judge allowed their two boys to be under his care. The couple got married in 2007. They met on the sets of Fanboys.

Kyle’s allegations have not been addressed by Jamie yet. With no word out, netizens are sympathizing with Newman. Well, only time will tell what has happened between the two.

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