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Dirty Money Season 3 Release, Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis and More

Dirty Money Season 3 Trailer

Sneak Peek into the Past

Netflix’s Dirty Money is a real documentary Television series, which is produced by Oscar-winner Alex Gibney. Till now it has dropped it’s 2 hit seasons on Netflix. The 1st season was dropped on 26th Jan 2018. Followed by the 2 years gap in the 2nd season. That hit the screen on March 11 this year. The story of the series shows the narration of the story of fraud scams and corruption. Basically in context to the corrupted leaders. Till now it has dropped the total no of 12 episodes. Each episode dealing with 1 case of corruption, followed by the interview of the main players. Now it’s time to see which scam and corruption will be shown in the upcoming season.

Dirty Money Season 3: Release Date, Sneak Peek

Renewal Status of Dirty Money Season 3 

Although the last season of Dirty Money was launched this year. So, from speculating the time gap and launching patterns. We cannot expect Dirty Money Season 3 to make a comeback before late 2021 or early 2022. As of now, no official announcement is made about the exact release date.

Cast and What to Expect from Dirty Money Season 3 

However, the 2 seasons have shown the interviews of famous personalities like Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Jared Kushner, Stuart Johnson, in addition to some other personalities. So, in Dirty Money Season 3, we would able to witness interviews of some of the new celebrities.

Dirty Money Season 3: Cast

As per now, it is expected that the upcoming season will showcase the fraud scams and corruption of Alex Gibney and much more.

Synopsis of Dirty Money Season 3 

As the show is the real docu-series showing about the scam, fraud, and corruption of popular rich people. Follow-up by the interviews of famous personalities. You can witness the famous case of Wells Fargo and other Jared Kushner. So, we would expect some more undiscovered corruption stories of famous people. As for now, there aren’t any clues about which case the 3rd season deals with. Let’s wait with us to know more.

Dirty Money Season 3: Synopsis, Cast

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