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Demi Lovato Adds Expensive Home to her List of Newbies

Demi Lovato had a thrilling 2020. The songstress made some serious changes in her life this year. It looks like this year did not turn out to be that great a threat to her. She has been on a journey of embracing new things. While being engaged to her beau, she has yet another surprise in store for us all.


Demi Lovato's new home

The songstress just acquired a luxurious home priced at $ 7 million. This six-bedroom and the nine-bathroom house is well suited for her lifestyle. It was only in July this year that she got engaged with Max Ehrich. This home will make the duo start afresh.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Demi Lovato's new home

The house is situated in the Studio City area. It is a modern farmhouse-inspired home. In comparison, it comes with several luxuries. There exists a gym, theatres, salt pool, elevator, etc. The beautifully designed house has subtly designed bedrooms and bathrooms. The house is a relaxing getaway. No wonder Demi is going have a really good time hosting her friends in here.

What’s Demi up to these Days

Demi Lovato is all set to release a new song with Marshmello. In addition to this, the songstress is on a journey of self-realization. Her recent statement was that she feels as if she is now free from her demons. After just two years of her overdose, she is in a happy place in her life. She is going on strong with a brave face. Lovato has also been speaking up about mental health issues lately. Overall this year has been constructive for her. Let us hope she and Max have a happy and content life together.

This new home of Lovato marks the beginning of a new life for her. She is embarking on a new journey with her boyfriend now.

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