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Losing Weight was Mandatory for Jennifer Aniston to Continue on Friends

Lets us face it, we all wanted to look like Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston n the famous sitcom Friends. She was a beauty. Right from her hair to her clothes, she was the very definition of perfect. But a lot of effort went into getting that perfect look. Well, after years of the sitcom coming to an end, we now know of the struggles that Aniston went through to continue on the show.


The Friends star was asked to lose weight if she wished to stay on Friends. She was asked to lose 30 pounds if she wanted to stay in business. Back in the days, Los Angeles was a tough place for new actress. Aniston was no expectation. She had her fair share of sacrifices to make.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green

This very detail about Jen’s life was written in a book by Saul Austerlitz’s called Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show that Defined a Television Era. The very well encapsulates the struggle of the actress. Even today, Jennifer Aniston continues to remain the leading lady of Hollywood and is the definition of being in the perfect shape.

Back in the days, even the actress had shed light on her eating habits. She was very much into having fatty food. Thus, her being poked for losing weight was indeed an eye-opener for her.

What’s Jennifer up to these Days

Jennifer has her first-ever Emmy nomination in hand for hosting ‘The Morning show.’ This is for the first time in 11 years that the actress has gotten this honour. Fans of the actress are excited about this too.

The quest to remain as the leading lady on Friends was a tough one for Jennifer after all. She had to sacrifice a lot. But all of that turned out to be good for her indeed.

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