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Hank Azaria Auditioned 2 times Impassioned to Play Joey in Friends


Hank Azaria, who is also known as the science guy, has shared his thought about the most popular show on the Internet, Friends. Azaria is best known for his comedy and voice acting, one of which is witnessed in the Simpson. He entered Friends in 1994, as David, who was a science guy.

He was the boyfriend of Phoebe. Friends, ever since its origin has had so many guest appearances, and Hank Azaria was also a guest to the show. Here is his story of a comeback to Friends. Scroll down to know more.

Friends's Hank Azaria

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Friends were born in the early 90s. After so many changes of name, the show finally got its name as Friends. It consists of several actors who got their name lifted through this show. Hank‘s guest appearance was not a guest appearance for long because people liked his character and his role so much that he was brought back in season 7 and season 9. Hank had a different thought on the show. He wanted to be Joey rather than David in the show but ended up in something that fits him so well.

What’re Friends up to These Days 

Friends cast

Friends got nominated for so many awards. The show was about the story of a group of friends who experience all kinds of feelings that are prevailing in high school. The story was liked by almost everyone who watched it.

However, starting from the 90s, the show consists of the main characters named Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, and Rachel. The other characters revolve around the story of these characters. Besides, there are humour, love and all the spice it needs to be a hit in the present day.

Several characters wanted to take other characters but ended up doing the best with the role that was given to them. People love the character of the science guy, and Hank fits perfectly for it. We hope to see Hank in the upcoming seasons of Friends as well.

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