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Demi Rose Pop-up the Bosomy Book in Stripping-Down Swimsuit


Demi Rose has posted a new photo on Instagram with a book prop. The model knows it very well that real beauty comes with knowledge. Hence, she likes reading a lot of books. This time she uploaded the photo of a book named Ibiza, Bohemia. Her pose was super sexy, and fans have lined up comments one after another. The model knows what she is playing in front of the camera. She has all the perfect photos in her Instagram posts that are incomparable.

Demi Rose a new photo on Instagram

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Demi had pulled her bikini straps down, showing off her glowing skin. She held the real big book in her hand covering her busts but yet exposing them. Her bottom was also covered with the length of the book, and all that was visible was beautiful skin.

The book, Ibiza, is her favourite book currently. It is a book that tells about travel and trips to her hometown Ibiza. The book has got beautiful scenery pictures with inspirational travel write-ups about it. The book was written by fashion photographer Renu Kashyap and travel writer Maya Boyd. The book was released in 2017.

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Viviendo mi mejor vida 💛 @lolo_creativ

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What’s Demi Rose up to These days 

The model was out for some good time with her friend, director Loan Love. It is Loan who had captured the busty book picture of Demi. The director also had posted a picture in her Instagram account, which is a video of both Demi and Loan in black bikinis on a boat trip in Ibiza. They both are happy and sunkissed by the warm Ibiza sun. The model also shared a picture in which she shows her black bikini and a smile showing her back in the camera.

There were several comments from fans. A fan wrote, she looked hot. The other wrote she likes her look, hope she is safe there. There were even so many of the comments that everything cannot be told. Click on the Instagram link to know all the comments.

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