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Selena Gomez Directs “Rare” Beauty Profits towards Mental Health Services

Selena Gomez came with a new beauty and cosmetic line. Fans of the pop singer could not contain their excitement. But now fans are even more enthusiastic about her line. The Wolves singer announced that she was planning to raise money for her cosmetic line for mental health issues.


Gomez is all set with her new beauty range. The reaction of fans and celebrities to Rare Beauty has been positive. The makeup line is doing well presently. So, the success of it is a given. The We Don’t Talk Anymore singer’s attempt to share a bit fo her fortune with mental health organizations across less privileged folks is commendable.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

The singer is all set to donate one percent of the profits obtained from her Rare Beauty Line to mental health resources. Gomez herself has been dealing with mental health issues. Just recently, the songstress told the whole world that she has bipolar disorder. She very well understands the effect of mental illness. Selena has decided to raise a hefty and ambitious $100 million over the years to bring about a change in this direction. These services will be provided to underserved communities.

Selena Gomez Rare Beauty

What’s Selena Gomez up to these Days

The name of the Love You To Love Me singer’s name popped about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Bieber lipped Selena’s name in a short cameo that he did in DJ Khaled‘s recent song. The song is called Popstar and has been receiving a lot of attention lately by fans.

However, this important step taken by Selena Gomez is a huge step. This will, to a huge extent, change the mindset of people towards mental health. Let us hope Rare Beauty does good, and she manages to collect a considerable sum for boosting mental health.

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