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Sam Asghari Lashes out on Author Kelly Oxford for Nasty Comment on Britney Spears Post


Sam Asghari has set a benchmark for all the partners out there. He recently took it on himself to defend his long time partner Britney Spears. And we now know that he shouldn’t be messed with. Author Kelly Oxford recently got a little mean after she left a nasty comment on Britney Spears’s Instagram post. And Sam Asghari slyly told her to unfollow if she isn’t happy. 

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Author Kelly Oxford recently commented on Britney Spears‘s post on Instagram. And she didn’t have the nicest things to say to her. She commented on the post saying that the Toxic singer’s Instagram account has become too “scary” for her. 

To this, Asghari responded that there is nothing scary about being the superstar known around the world. He said that the world needs more people like Britney and less like Karen. Sam concluded by reminding Oxford of the “unfollow” button that was installed around ten years back. 

This comment comes after the #FreeBritney movement has gained more followers in the past few weeks. A lot of the fans are convinced that Spears’s Instagram account is being controlled by someone else.

She even posted a message for the haters saying that her profile is about being herself. The singer said that her Instagram profile is about her being authentic and as real as possible with her fans and followers.

Relationship between Britney Spears and Sam Asghari 

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are the lovey-dovey of Hollywood. And Sam has always proved that he is the perfect boyfriend to Britney. They both first met on the sets of the music video for the song Slumber Party in 2016. 

Eventually, they hit it off with talks over Sushi. And later, Britney found his number in her bag. Charmed with his funny nature and cute looks, she called him ever since they have been together. 

Sources revealed that Sam is her biggest support system. He supports her and loves her through thick and thin. And he is everything, Britney has ever wanted. 

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are stronger than ever, and they are in madly in love. Time and again, Sam has never shied away from proving his love for Spears. He recently defended her after Kelly Oxford got scared from Spears’s Instagram posts.

Well, we wish luck to the couple! 

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