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Mission Impossible 7 is up for Shooting Posterior to Several Postponements


Corona Virus pandemic started at the beginning of the year. It not only created panic but also came with lockdown and shutdown of all work and offices except for government and medical offices. The film industry was put on a halt. Recently, the world is coming back to normal, and the drives are opening but with specific rules and regulations. This month, we have already witnessed the opening of several films and series, but what about Mission Impossible 7? Will it begin filming or not? Here is all we know about Mission Impossible 7.

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Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Tom Cruise was spotted in Norway on 5th September 2020. The actor was with his mission impossible crew, and they were shooting. So, after a break of 5 months, the filming of Mission Impossible 7 has finally started again. The photos that were found include Tom and an unknown stuntman working on an action scene. The scene is being shot on a train roof where both the actor and the stunt man could be seen grabbing each other on a fight. The news broke out when the Norwegian police spotted a ship.

What’s Tom Cruise up to These Days 

Tom Cruise, along with the crew, travelled to Norway through a ship. When police found the ship and enquired about it, it was found that the Filipino workers were not paid enough. Before the entire ship drama started, the movie also got the spotlight attention due to an old historic bridge.

There was a sequence in the film that required to destroy a part of the bridge, so the production started to tun all the stones. Fortunately, they found one in Poland. The local protestors, however, charged the impossible mission team and charged unnecessary fines on them. So, now it is entirely unclear if the film would include the scene or not.

Mission Impossible 7 cast

The movie Mission Impossible have faced delays in filming and hence will face delays in the release as per the previous one. The official date of release and other details are not available currently. We will update as soon as we get to know more about it.

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