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Miley Cyrus Rocks BBC Live Lounge with Gucci Sparkles and Saint Laurent Heels


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Miley Cyrus has lately been in the news for her fantastic performance at the VMA. And as much as people loved her new vibe, she also sang from the heart at the BBC Live Lounge Session.

While people fell in love with her breathtaking voice, they also fell for her gorgeous Gucci outfit! 

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#MidnightSky is #1 on iTunes UK! 🖤🖤🖤

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At the BBC Live Lounge Session, Miley sang her latest song, Midnight Sky. She even reposted the video on her Instagram profile as IGTV. And the video has received over 1 million views and more than 3800 comments. 

In no time, the comment section was filled with appreciation for her voice. Some of the fans even called her voice heavenly. While the voice is to die for, her outfit for the special night had its charm. 

The Wrecking Ball singer chose to go with a Gucci outfit for the show. She wore a black mini dress with sparkles and sequins all over. Further paired the outfit with net leggings, body chains with a cross around her waist and Saint Laurent’s heels. 

The 27-year-old accessorised her look with long earrings, silver bracelets, rings and on-the-top red lipstick.

What’s up with Miley Cyrus These Days 

Miley Cyrus recently broke up with Cody Simpson. She seems to be on a new journey now. In a recent interview, she opened up about what she wants in her life. She said when someone comes in her life, she wants them to know what they want. Her partner should be able to think forward in their life. 

Along with the relationship, she is also enjoying the success of her new single Midnight Sky. The song is currently on No.1 in U.K iTunes

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After years of being in the news for controversies, Miley Cyrus seems to have embarked on a new journey in life. She has not only starting eating healthy, but she is also living healthy. With the latest music and the new vibe in her life, Cyrus is taking on a completely different path towards self-awareness and self-improvement. 

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