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Lili Reinhart Allegedly Feels Like a Prisoner after Returning to Riverdale Set


Actress Lili Reinhart has returned for filming to the Riverdale set. The actress who portrays Betty Cooper on the show opened up about the problems of filming during the pandemic. Reinhart voiced her dismay over staying away and not being able to visit her family because of the many restrictions. The Riverdale cast and crew will have to wait in Vancouver away from their families until Christmas. The actress frankly said that she feels like a prisoner in this situation.

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Besides, the cast of the show will return or the sets after filming suddenly halted due to the pandemic. After shooting the final few episodes left for season four, the cast will jump straight into shooting for season five. While opening up about getting back to work, Lili revealed that she feels like a prisoner. The cast cannot leave Canada and can’t meet their family, not even for Thanksgiving. The actress added that it does not feel good but feels f—ked that no-one can visit them unless they quarantine for two weeks.

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Reinhart shed literal tears as she spoke about the many restrictions courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, in the meantime, they cannot take any other new projects. Reinhart feels lucky to get back on the sets of Riverdale, but this revelation made her upset as she wants to keep moving (to more recent projects). The show will pick things up from the prom scene which stopped midway due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Reinhart realistically said that they have to fit back into the same dress after five months even though some have tanned during this time while others have got a bit thicker.

What’s Lili Reinhart up to These Days

Meanwhile, Reinhart has moved to Vancouver, Canada, for the next few months. Lili along with her costars, Camila Mendes and Madelaine Petsch hopped onto the Tiktok craze and created a joint account. The trio already posted some hilarious and super fun videos under the username @blondebrunetteredhead, and we’re living for it. Before this, the actress spoke up about her struggles with depression, mental health and her insecurities regarding body image.

Some Twitter users took Reinhart’s words differently and accused her of complaining. However, Lili reasoned that she’s extremely grateful for her job but feels sad about not being able to see her family for months. 

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