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Kodak Black Threatens to Sue if Feds Won’t Give Him a Rabbi in Prison


Kodak Black has expressed his displeasure after he hasn’t been allowed to access a rabbi behind bars. Kodak has asked for a rabbi to practice his Jewish faith from the cell for a while. However, this request of his remains unattended. The rapper’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, declared that he’s preparing to file a lawsuit if the feds don’t fulfill his client’s request. Besides, we all have the same question in our heads: Kodak Black‘s Jewish?

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It seems like we’re all in the same boat, which had no idea about the rapper’s Jewish beliefs. His lawyer explained that Black identifies with the religion but has not converted yet. Cohen also added that for months, his client has asked for a consultation with his rabbi or, at this point, any rabbi. However, the feds have shown no interest and turned radio silent. If the authorities still won’t cooperate, Black’s legal team has decided to sue them for a violation of right, which should allow the rapper to practice his religion.

Kodak Black

Besides, the pastor at Kodak‘s prison facility got in touch with his attorney, Bradford Cohen, via email. The facility has put a stop to all spiritual meetups at the moment due to the coronavirus. Till then, the priest assures that the inmate, aka Black, can get in touch with a rabbi with phone calls. Kodak seems adamant for access to a rabbi and Torah, as he believes it will help his mental health. According to the rumor mill, Kodak feels that God has a particular plan for him, and he wants to seek help from a religious leader.

What’s Kodak Black up to these days

Meanwhile, Kodak has his eyes set on one particular lady. Even though the rapper is currently behind bars, he seemingly won’t stop his chase for former Disney actress Zendaya. Besides, for her birthday this week, he had someone release balloons for her! The rapper also surprised his lawyer, Bradford Cohen, who appears as his fatherly figure. As a belated Father’s Day gift, Black surprised his attorney with a brand new Chevy Z71 and paid for it in full!

Kodak has wanted to reduce his prison time for quite a while now. But according to reports, he cannot pledge for parole until 2022. Till then, we hope he’s allowed to meet or at least have a phone call with a rabbi. 

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