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Here’s the Glimpse on Lil Wayne’s New Song Big Worm


Lil Wayne has dropped a new song, Big Worm. The song is added to his album Funeral as a deluxe edition. The wrapper has used some face morphing technology in a song accompanied by the Big Worm.

Lil Wayne is also featured in a song named Don Life that was made by Big Sean. It dropped last week. No Ceilings mixtape is now available in the streaming services for the first time. Lil Wayne has made a lot of hits, but this time Big Worm is different. Could you scroll below to know more about it?

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Big Worm is a song that is dedicated to the rapper on his looks. The transformation of the rapper through a long period since his first appearance in 1997 in The Hot Boys till today. Ray Kay directs the dong. It shows the time from the long black dreaded hairs and sunglasses in a blue backlight until a headband with pulled short cornrows.

The song has all about the wrapper. The song initially belongs to the album named “funeral,” which consists of eight other songs made with guest artists. These artists include Doja Cat, Tory Lanez, Lil Uzi Vert, and Jessie Reyez.

 What’s Lil Wayne up to These Days 

Lil Wayne‘s new song is a hit for his fans all across the world. It not only reminds of his journey through all these years but also the fame that he earned. It is not only about looks but about the transformation. The song has got a different theme, unlike others. Face morphing technology plays the most important role in all this. The rapper is now in his 30s and is still gaining more and more fans.

Big Worms dropped last week is one of the best of morphing technologies. If you have not watched it, the link is given here so that you can watch.

Lil Wayne

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