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Chrissy Teigen Gets Botox to Curb the Pains from Migraines During Pregnancy

It is unusual for pregnant women to get involved in cosmetic surgeries. Chrissy Teigen‘s recent endeavors to get botox is being seen with skepticism. The mother of two is now pregnant with her third child. As much as fans are happy about her pregnancy, they are not sure if getting botox is something she needs right now. But, Teigen has cleared the air around this controversy. Well, the model has her reasons.


It was just recently that Chrissy told the whole wide world about her plans to get a botox done during her pregnancy. This caused an uproar. But her quest to get botox is purely for medical reasons. It is not at all a cosmetic surgery.

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The cookbook author said that pregnancy gets painful for her as she starts developing migraines during this period. To curb this, the mother of two went on to earn a jaw botox and an eyebrow botox. According to her, these help in easing off the pain. She got jaw botox to avoid headaches due to the grinding of teeth. The eyebrow ones are for eliminating migraines. Well, pregnancy headaches are not at all jolly. So, the fact that Chrissy went on to get a cure for this should be appreciated.

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Chrissy Teigen pregnant

The recent pregnancy news of John Legend‘s wife took the whole world by surprise. Well, nobody was expecting this. Even Teige wasn’t. Recently, she went on to say that she could not believe the fact that she got pregnant naturally. This is a whole miracle for the would-be mother.

We know how quirky Chrissy is. So, she does not care as to what people think of her. Well, she has her reasons for getting botox, which is genuine. So, kudos to her decisions.

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