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Cardi B Posts Candids in Response to Photoshopped Trolls

Cardi B is always the prime target for media trolling. The female rapper has made a massive name in the industry. She is currently on top of her game. With a Grammy in her possession, the rapper has been releasing one hit after the other. Her recent release, WAP, was loved by folks out there. But that does not mean she has haters. Well, it’s good that she knows how to deal with them. She can pull off anything with a brave face.


The Girls Like You rapper won’t take trolls anymore. A recent photoshopped picture of hers ended up getting viral. But Cardi didn’t stay put. She spoke on it and with much confidence. Her back to back disses to her haters has had its effect.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Cardi took to Instagram on Sunday and uploaded a series of candid pictures of hers. These pictures were a slap on people who have been photoshopping her face and body. This bashful answer by the rapper shows nothing can let her down, even in the pictures’ caption. Moreover, Cardi pinpointed that people have been trying to get her down since the very beginning. But the Grammy winner is in no mood to affect her life because of specific photoshopped pictures and disses.

What’s Cardi B up to these Days

The WAP singer has been trending on social media sites, including TikTok. The WAP challenge has become a popular trend, and people are going crazy about it. Cardi event on to post a serious of her favourite WAP challenges on her personal Instagram handle. WAP did well and added on to the rapper’s fame.

Cardi B is a self-made star. She would not take a single diss her way by haters. The fact that she is standing up to herself is commendable.

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