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Sam Asghari Shields Britney Spears from Being Called Spooky

Britney Spears is one diva who is never off the radar. The Toxic singer is used to being bashed on the internet. But this recent diss that she received from author Kelly Oxford was hurtful. But thanks heavens, Spears has her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, by her side to defend her.


Kelly Oxford, an author, went on to bash Britney on Instagram. On one of her posts, the author went on to write that now her profile had gotten too scary for her. Although, such derogatory remarks levied on Spears cause an uproar amongst her fans. Even her boyfriend did not shy away from voicing his opinion on the author’s comments.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Sam went on to reply to Oxford by asking her what exactly she felt spooked out about a superstar being herself. Moreover, he then supported his statement by saying that more and more people should be like Britney, 38. Sam Asghari, 26, went on to call Spears sweet, humble and funny. The fact that he stood up for his love for his partner was the thing she needed.

Sam Asghari Shields Britney Spears

What’s Britney up to these Days

The Criminal singer’s recent comments on media are what netizens are crushing over. The songstress revealed that growing up in Hollywood and fandom was not a piece of cake for her. She said that the media was not generous towards her. However, it made her childhood hard. These statements, to a huge extent, reveal the singer’s struggles while growing up. She also said that the press could be pretty mean sometimes to some people.

Moreover, this whole drama revolving around her and Kelly was handled very well by her boyfriend. Sam did everything that the right partner would do. Let us hope she goes strong with her beau like this forever.

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