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Rumer Willis Mirrors Mum Demi Moore in Skims photoshoot


Kim Kardashian’s makeup brand Skims completed a year. On this occasion, Rumer Willis was doing a photoshoot for the company for branding. She stripped down in black lingerie and also nude lingerie in which she looked equally stunning. During her photo shoot, one thing that reflected was her mother Demi‘s image in her. She was looking like her mother in the photos, and thus she also was missing her.

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Rumer was having the photoshoot in a black swimsuit dress with her unmatched curves, revealing her beauty. She was holding a telephone on her ears with the long stretched telephone wire to add to the look. The background included photos of the famous Kim Kardashian. In the second round, the model for the day was wearing nude two-piece lingerie, in which she looked stunning with her tones abs. In the second photo, she was lying down on the ground with her curves visible.

What’s Rumer Willis up to These Days

Rumer Willis, 32, is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The two divorced from each other years ago but have been right partners to their children. Rumer has two young sisters Scout, 29, and Tallulah, 26. All of them were living together under one roof during this quarantine. Later there was some problem, so Bruce‘s wife also landed up at their residence. Rumer has also uploaded her pictures of a photoshoot on Instagram mentioning SKIMS and her star Kim Kardashian.

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Rumer tried to have tried different poses and styles that day and have posted them in her instagram. The photoshoot also will include the name of more famous actors for the promotion of the brand. Rumer had also explained that she had acted as an ambassador for the family when her younger sisters abandoned talking to their mother.

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