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Lili Reinhart Cogitate Herself as Inmate Amidst Riverdale Shooting


After a long break, the Riverdale crew is back to work. The filming and productions stopped since the pandemic hit the world. Now, there is a little ease in the lockdown, and thus, the entertainment industry is resuming its work.

Lili Reinhart gave a few updates about herself and her experience with the filming of Riverdale season 5. Her statements reflect that she is not so happy about the idea of this shooting during the lockdown. Here is all that she feels about resuming Riverdale season 5.

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Reinhart says that she feels like a prisoner after she has returned to the crew to resume filming. There is a rule or boundary that has been put on the crew. According to the guidelines, the crew is not allowed to leave the place before the show’s shooting comes to an end.

They have to be in Vancouver, Canada, minimum-till December of this year. Reinhart said you could not go to your home or visit your family during this time, nor is anyone allowed to come and meet you unless they are quarantined for 14 days.

What’s Lili Reinhart up to These Days

Lili Reinhart said that she felt very left out when the pandemic started. She was going through depression. She often felt like drinking, drugging, or F***ing random people, but she was determined not to try this way. She instead kept herself motivated to do hard work and necessary work. Now she is having the WhatsApp therapy going on that is helping her a lot.

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The world is coming back to normal within a slow process. The restrictions and boundaries are put to ensure the safety of the actors. Howsoever suffocating may it feel, but at the end of the day, you are safe. After a long time of postponement, now we will be able to get back the shows at a halt for a while.

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