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Justin Bieber Lips Ex Selena Gomez’s Name in Khaled’s Popstar 

The sensational Canadian pop star Justin Bieber just dropped a bomb on all her fans. Well, Bieber just dropped in Khaled‘s new music video and ended up amazing his fans. While on the one hand, Bieber’s fans were all excited on the other, Gomez’s fans are cross with him.


We all are familiar with the drama revolving around Selena and Justin. The former partners had several ugly turns in their very relationship. This ended up them breaking up. But the Yummy singer found the love of his life in Hailey Baldwin. While Selena was left all alone. But the Bieber Gomez drama has again popped up now.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

DJ Khalid just dropped a new video song called Popstar. Fans soon discovered that Bieber had a cameo in it. The Sorry singer slipped Gomez’s name while doing his part in the song. This bit enraged her fans. Some found it utterly disrespectful of the songstress.

Fans are shocked about the fact that Justin still has his ex’s name on his lips. Well, the Wolfs singer is currently busy promoting Rare Beauty. So, we have no word from Selena on this yet. But fans of the singer are heartbroken. Many are calling Bieber’s verse emotionally abusing. Let us wait till Selena speaks on it.

What’s Justin up to these Days

The Canadian singer is busy with a lot on his plate now. Recently, the Biebers hosted a house party breaking all lockdown norms. In addition to this, the singer and his wife recently bought a new and luxurious house.

The Baby singer is not over his ex-girlfriend yet. The fact that Justin brought up Selena is controversial. We thought that Bieber would never even think of Selena. But it turns out he does after all.

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