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Judge Allows Copyright Infringement Case Against Taylor Swift to Proceed Further


Taylor Swift is back in the news but not for the right reasons this time. She was sued back in 2017 for allegedly copying lyrics in her 2014 hit song Shake It Off. At that time, the case was dismissed, but now it has got permission to proceed. 

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Taylor Swift released the song Shake It Off back in 2014. The song was a huge hit and sold over 9 million copies. However, in 2017, she got sued for allegedly copying the lyrics from the music released in 2001 Playas Gon’ Play. 

The plaintiff Sean Hall and Nathan Butler filed the case in Court. US District Judge Michael Fitzgerald dismissed the case the first time it was filed. He said that Hall and Butler didn’t have enough evidence for the case to proceed. 

However, later the case moved to the appeals court, and the judgment was overruled. And the case has been permitted to move forward.

Taylor Swift hasn’t directly commented on the news so far. But her representatives said that the lyrics don’t look similar at all. They accused Hall and Butler of taking this chance to grab money from Taylor.

Hall and Butler have filed for them to share the profits earned from the song Shake It Off. 

What’s up with Taylor Swift These Days 

Taylor Swift recently revealed her album Folklore with a day’s notice earlier this year. The Album was a huge success. Some fans even claimed that the music took them back to happy times with good music and beats. 

With the huge success that the Album enjoyed, Taylor is looking forward to another Grammy after being nominated in the “Album of the Year.” 

While Taylor Swift is enjoying the success of her new album, Folklore, the case against her for Copyright Infringement is continuing. The Judge first dismissed the case, but now it has been allowed to move forward. 

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