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Insights From Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Getaway, Escaping COVID-19 Norms

The sensational supermodel Kendall Jenner is enjoying those summer vibes. The model, along with her friends, went to Idaho for some summer partying. But there was one addition that made this little trip of hers a welcome change.


Kendall Jenner was spotted breezing up with her friends. The group rented a summer house and did a lot of partying and fun. Devin Booker was there with her to partake in her fun and frolic. They indulged in having fling around the lake daily on their four-day trip. In addition to this, they also indulged in other activities.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Playing on the dock and swimming in the lake is something the alleged couple did a lot on their trip. Well, what is summer without some fun in the water? Jenner and Booker were also spotted together enjoying a hike. They loved this little adventure of theirs so much that they are willing to get back soon. Most of this could be seen on Kendall’s Instagram profile. The model has been posting a series of pictures of her summer trip. They did look as dreamy like her.

What’s Kendall Jenner up to These Days

Recently, Jenner has been preoccupied with posting sizzling pictures of hers clad in a bikini on her Instagram profile. Kendall’s Instagram posts in different types of bikinis are making netizens out there go crazy. There were indeed no couple pictures as such of hers and Booker. But the fact that they are spending so much time together has made her fans to make crazy conclusions

The famous Kardashian family member is having the time of her life with her boyfriend. Well, we do not know for sure if Books is her boyfriend. But these little outings of the duo together do mean something.

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