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Tekashi69 Nods to Scandalous Physical Fights with Former Partner

Tekashi69 has made a huge revelation lately. The rainbow rapper has finally unveiled the truth behind domestic abuse cases on him. His reply has taken netizens by shock.


Tekashi69‘s baby mother, Sara Molina, had accused the rapper of domestic violence on him. Both of them are separated now and share a daughter Saraiyah, 4. In a recent interview, 69 agreed that he was indeed involved in physical abuse with his former partner. He decided to everything and also said that he is not proud of what happened.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

In a recent interview, the Gooba rapper went on to shed light on some things. The most sensational of them was that he agreed to be the perpetrator of physical abuse. tekashi69 very well accepted the fact that he and Sara had physical fights. He said that he knows that his daughter will get to know about this in the future, and he would have to explain everything to her.

But he is sorry for what happened. He has offered his sincere apologies to his baby momma. As for Sara, she has not spoken on the matter yet. But one thing is evident that the duo did have physical fights in the past.

What’s Tekashi69 up to these Days

The notorious rapper is now free from his prison sentence. The rapper is happy to be open and is currently working on his upcoming album Tattle Tales. In the very interview in which he disclosed bits about having physical fights, he went on to say something else too. He sided with Donald Trump. He went on to say that he would vote for him. Now, we know something about the rainbow rapper’s political inclination.

69 has finally confirmed having physical fights. But we have no word of the same from Sara yet. But the silver lining here is that Tekashi is sorry and is also looking out for his daughter.

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