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Taylor Swift Copyright Infringement Case Receives Clean Chit from Court to Proceed


In 2017, Taylor Swift found herself caught in a legal suit over copyright infringement for her hit song, Shake It Off. However, at that time, the plea was dismissed for lacking evidence. But now the judge has permitted to proceed with the case. 

More Info of the Breaking News 

Taylor Swift released her hit-song Shake It Off in 2014. The song sold more than 9 million copies and was a huge success. But in 2017, Sean Hall and Nathan Butler filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift for copyright infringement. 

Hall and Butler claim that Swift copied lyrics from the song Playas Gon’ Play. The lyrics of Shake It Off about the player going to play and the haters going to hate is very much similar to the song Playas Gon’ Play. 

When the lawsuit was filed in 2017, US District Judge Michael Fitzgerald dismissed the claim. He said that the lyrics of two songs weren’t similar enough to be considered for a lawsuit. Later, the appeals court overturned the judgment. And the suit was permitted to continue. 

As per the reports, Hall and Butler are looking forward to receiving a share of the song’s profits. The song sold over 9 million copies when the suit was filed in the court. 

Taylor’s representatives have challenged the lawsuit. And they called it a “money grab.” They claim that both Hall and Butler are only looking for an opportunity to earn money from Swift and the songs sound nothing alike.

What’s up with Taylor Swift These Days 

Taylor Swift was recently in the news, but not because she did something. But because of a very dedicated fan. Matthew Abels took the quarantine period to design a theme park based on Taylor’s albums. The attractive places include albums like Debut, Fearless, Love Story Ring, Folklore, and many more. 

As of now, the park is pretty much on the computer only. But it sounds like a great idea!

Besides, Taylor is looking forward to the “Album of the Year Award” for her latest release, Folklore, in July. 

Taylor Swift is struck in a lawsuit that claims that she used the similar lyrics for her 2014 hit song Shake It Off. Although the case was previously dismissed. But it has now been reopened.

Well, we hope the truth prevails!

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