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Miley Cyrus Turned Vegan after Hallucinogenic Drug Made her Puke Seals


Miley Cyrus said yes to a fresh new vegan lifestyle back in 2013. At the time, she took a psychedelic South American drug, which made her puke…seals. The singer spoke about her experience with the drug ayahuasca when she first went vegan. It didn’t sit right with her and (the guide) reached her throat and yanked out every dead animal she ever ate.

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Besides, Cyrus recently chatted up in an interview with Joe Rogan and spilled some insider info. Talking about how she went vegan, Miley revealed how the hallucinogen ayahuasca made her throw up every dead animal she consumed in her life.

The former Disney star saw herself puking seals and stated that it’s not fun at all. During the chat, Cyrus announced that she plans to write children’s books about the ups and downs of life. She wants to let kids know that this isn’t a sunshine world where everyone’s equal like others claim.

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However, Cyrus has never denied the fact that she and her family regularly smoke weed. The singer has even referred to themselves as a bunch of stoners. But she now wants to quit and sober up because apparently, the aftermath isn’t worth it.

The singer has not touched alcohol since her vocal surgery, either. While she has no alcohol problem, the hangover leaves her feeling like a q volcano just erupted in her brain. Cyrus admitted that she likes waking up at 110 percent because of which she avoids drinking nowadays.

What’s Miley Cyrus up to These Days

Meanwhile, Miley released the lead single Midnight Sky from her seventh studio album on the 14th of August. The track quickly attained the nomination for MTV VMA’s Best Song of the Summer. Cyrus’ first performance for the song took place at the awards ceremony and left everyone baffled.

Her power-packed performance reminded us of Wrecking Ball courtesy of the swinging disco ball. She recently split with boyfriend Cody Simpson after ten months of dating to work on herself.

Miley had to quit her vegan diet last year because it affected her health. The singer admitted that her brain didn’t seem to function correctly. Due to this, she needed to include omegas and fish into her diet once again. 

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