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Latest Episode of Celebrity Game Face Full of LOL Worthy Moments

Kevin Hart‘s popular show Celebrity Game Face is the new mickey in town. In this show, Kevin leaves no stone unturned in roasting guests who grace his show. The latest episode of Celebrity Game Show that aired on September 3, received a lot of appreciation from its fans. The whole episode was full of LOL-worthy moments.


The latest episode had three celebrity pairs as guests. It had Rob Schneider and Patricia Maya Schneider, Victor Cruz, and Karrueche Tran, and Niecy Nash, and Wendy Raquel Robinson on the show to entertain us all.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

The three pairs were made to do hilarious stuff on Hart’s command. The producer and host of the popular show made sure that he and his audience got a good laugh. Kevin started with Niecy and Wendy. Even the start was super hilarious. He went on to say that given these actresses are all bulky, they may begin to first. The series of roasts and jokes paced up.

Kevin Hart

Fans found mouthing donuts, making funny calls, pulling each other’s legs, etc. on the show. In the end, Rob and Patricia managed to get the Champions Trophy. Well, this trophy is nothing but a giant gold baby who looks like Kevin Hart.

What’s Kevin Hart up to these Days

Hart is going to be a daddy soon. The comedian recently broke the news of his wife Eniko approaching her due date. The couple is excited about it. Recent pictures of Eniko showing off her baby bump in a pool clad in a pink bikini surfaced on the internet. Fans of the comedian poured in their love for their baby.

Kevin Hart show Celebrity Game Face

All along the latest Celebrity Game Face was a wholesome package of fun and frolic. Thanks to Hart, people out there manage to get a laugh in these troubled times.

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