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While Praising New Talent Jennifer Lopez Applauds Billie Eilish’s Work

Jennifer Lopez recently opened about her daughter’s love for Billie Eilish. The songstress, along with her daughter, had attended Billie’s concert. After her daughter met the ‘bad guy’ singer, she was all overwhelmed.


So, JLo, in a recent interview, was popped with a fascinating question. She was asked to name a new talent whom she found inspiring. To this, the On The Floor Singer recounted an event when her daughter was just amazed at meeting Billie Eilish. The Papi singer even said that she found Eilish to be inspiring, given the effect she has on her daughter.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Jennifer Lopez's Daughter with Billie Eilish

This reveal happened at the ARod and Big Cat show. JLo explained how Billie’s style and her music has a lasting effect on her daughter. Sh even recounted how shocked and teary her daughter was upon seeing Eilish. The Ain’t Your Mama singer even said that this encounter made her appreciate what she does and her fans.

Lopez then added that she also admires Ariana Grande. She said that she is not just in love with Ariana’s music but also with her spirit. It looks like Grande got a thumbs up from Lopez after all.

What’s JLo up to these Days

Recently Lopez was making headlines after pictures of her, and her age-defying mother surfaced online. The mother-daughter duo was accused of looking like sisters. This happened when Jennifer, along with her kids and mother, went for promoting the Coach campaign. This very validates the fact that JLo gets her glow from none other than her very mother.


Jennifer Lopez is one songstress who admires new talent. Her recent comments on Billie Elish and Ariana Grande are lovely. The inspirational fan moment of her daughter with Billie left a mark on JLo.

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