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Tekashi69 Adamant for Voting Trump to Power in Presidential Elections

The rainbow rapper, Tekashi69, is now finally out of prison. He served his sentence for his involvement with the Nine Trey Gangsters Bloods gang. In his first interview after being released from jail, the rapper made a huge announcement. Netizens have now come to know that 69 is indeed a fan of President Donald Trump.


In a recent turn of events, the notorious rapper, Tekashi, ended up showing his political inclination. On several occasions, the rapper has been accused of being a rat and laundering information about his gang to the police.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

In the interview, Tekashi69 was asked if he had ever voted in the past or not. To this, the rapper inquired by asking if felons were allowed to vote or not. Then he went on to say that he would vote for Donald Trump. His two-year prison sentence ended just recently. Now, the rapper is all set to support Trump in his endeavors to becoming the President again.

What’s 69 up to these Days

Tekashi is always involved in some of the other controversies. Even while his time in prison and home confinement, he never ceased from making headlines. Just recently, the rapper went on to troll LA gang members. This had ended up causing serious differences between them. While promoting his new album, Tattle Tales, the rainbow rapper trolled his gang members by pointing out that he now can walk freely in their city, unlike them. In the clip, one could find Tekashi69 strolling around Chicago‘s city with a bottle of vodka.


It looks like Tekashi69 is all braced up to support Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential elections. The fact that he compared his situation to that of Trump’s very well establishes that the rapper is ready to vouch for him.

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