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Johnny Depp Extravagant Money Spending Habits Helps Pirates of The Caribbean Crew


Johnny Depp has a good name in the Hollywood industry. He is one of the big names, which also makes him $200 million worth. While he might be the one with the most savage ways of spending huge amounts of money, he is also the one with a kind heart. 

As per the latest reports, Depp spent around $60,000 to have waterproof jackets for 500 crew members. 

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Johnny Depp has always been in the roles that have required extraordinary talents and have earned a strong fan following. While being in the public eye makes every move known, he is famous for sure is his money management skills. 

He doesn’t throw away money, but he is the one with a little-too generous heart. Over the years, he has tasted both success and piles of money along with some debts. 

There was a time in his career where the Caribbean star’s Pirates was $40 million in debt. At that time, he blamed his manager for not being able to manage the funds. But that’s in the past now, and he has earned a lot since then. 

It is still to say that the 57-year-old star hasn’t aced the money management game. Some reports suggest that he spent $360,000 on wine in a year. Even when he was married to Amber Heard, he gifted her a $150,000 Ford Mustang. Later, during their divorce, the couple came down to a settlement of $7 million. 

But from all the money Depp has earned, he doesn’t use it all on himself. He spent around $3 million to honor the last wish of his friend Hunter S. Thompson.

What’s up with Johnny Depp These Days 

In the latest updates, Johnny Depp is currently fighting a $50 million defamation case against Amber Heard. The couple got divorced back in 2017. But recently, Amber Heard gave an interview, where she mentioned that she had been a victim of domestic violence. And the British newspaper named Johnny Depp as “wife-beater.” 


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Johnny Depp may be the one with the most extravagant expenses, but he is kind at heart. He does spend a lot of money, but that’s justified as he earns it. But he also is the one who cares about other people too. And Depp has proved himself to be caring towards other people. There have been many times when he dressed up, Captain Jack Sparrow, and went to children’s hospitals. 

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