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Andy Lassner Talks Rough Months After The Toxic Ellen Show Controversy


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I’ve missed my people❤️

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Ellen DeGeneres has recently got into a controversy for creating a “toxic work environment.” Many staff members came out to accuse Ellen and their bosses for not providing them with a favorable environment to work. 

Recently, the hit-show The Ellen Show, Andy Lassner, tried to break the silence regarding the controversies on Instagram. 

Detailed Info on the Breaking News 

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Ellen DeGeneres and her team for The Ellen Show was recently accused of creating a toxic environment for their staff members. Many of the staff revealed that there was no communication from the Top Management to them during the quarantine period. They were even made to work longer. 

However, the team has been under investigation for the last couple of months. Ellen did write an email to her staff and apologized for the environment and all the accusations.

And recently, the Executive Producer of The Ellen Show, Andy Lassner, took to Instagram to share his views. He posted a video of himself and said that he loves all his followers. The last couple of months were rough, but times like these help in knowing ourselves. Some may even grow from such situations. 

Lassner further said that he is back now and will be walking for the people. 

What’s up with Ellen These Days 

Ellen Degeneres was recently in the news when her staff members accused her of creating a toxic environment at work for them. But it only seems to be getting worse now. 

Mariah Carey opened up about her Interview on The Ellen Show back in 2008. She said that Ellen made her super uncomfortable regarding her pregnancy. Ellen asked her to drink champagne during the show, but Mariah had to refuse the offer because she was pregnant.

Looking back in time, Mariah revealed that she didn’t want her pregnancy to be known so soon as she had already gone through a miscarriage. But the whole situation made her announce the news. 


Well, this year so far looks like isn’t the one for Ellen DeGeneres. She has been grappled with controversies regarding the show. However, The Ellen Show isn’t being canceled anytime soon. But we all are hoping for things to get better.

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