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Zendaya Ignores Kodak Black’s Black-Balloon Release Birthday Wish

Zendaya turned 24, and guys out there found this the perfect opportunity to get to her. No wonder Kodak Black-topped this list. The rapper went on to wish The Spiderman actress in his special way. Nonetheless, the actress just plainly ignored him.


Kodak Black is all fascinated by the Euphoria star. This isn’t the first time that he has attempted to impress her. But like always, this time too he failed to do so. Kodak, who is currently in jail, posted a video on his Instagram handle relating 24 black balloons in the air to mark the actress’s 24th birthday.

This good gesture of his being questioned by netizens too.

Detailed Info on the Breaking news

Fans mocked the whole idea of releasing black balloons. They pointed out that one does it at the time of funerals. Releasing black balloons aren’t characteristic of happy occasions. But Zendaya did not choose to reply to this very post. She was all tight-lipped.

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happy birthday Zendaya!! I could list all the reasons why I love you but that will be too long. Z, thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing your talent. I’ve been a fan of yours since shake it up, you’ve grown, you’ve changed, and you constantly grow into a better person. You have the most beautiful soul. You are my inspiration. I’ve survived a ton but I really couldn’t have done it without you so I’d like to express my gratitude… Thank you Zendaya for pulling me out of a dark place. Thank you for being a light on this very dark world. Thank you for constantly trying to make te world a better place. Have the best day Z!! @zendaya #happybirthday #happybirthdayzendaya #zendaya #zendayamaree #beautiful #cute

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Instead, the star responded to Beyonce Knowles, who posted a throwback photo of hers. She went on to thank Beyonce by saying that she is never going to shut up about it. Well, this explains a lot.

What is Kodak Black up to these Days

This persistent act of getting to Z is very much characteristic of Kodak. Something of a similar nature had happened during last Valentine’s Day. The ZEZE rapper is currently serving his prison sentence. It was recently reported that he had gifted a Chevy Truck to his attorney, whom he considers a father-figure.

Even this time, Zendaya made a point to ignore these flirtatious shots at her from the rapper. Releasing black balloons in itself is questionable, and this being topped with shameless flirting came out to be annoying. Hope Kodak Black learns his lesson soon.

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