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Zayn Malik Dark-Truth of Encountering Islamophobia Hatred and Racism


Zayn Malik confesses his problems with racism, discrimination, and Islamophobia. Humans have created communities, and different communities have their own beliefs. One of the most popular ideas is discrimination regarding the color of an individual. The singer and songwriter are also not so much happy with this belief that he expresses in his social media. Every human has the right to be treated equally irrespective of their color, but it never happens, and thus protests arise.

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Zayn Malik was previously known for his display of talent in the boy band. He took permanent leave from the band in 2015 to begin his solo career. Zayn was successful in his career and was later also declared to be the most handsome man of 2019. He is presently dating Gigi Hadid with whom he expects a baby very soon. The father to be, however, has faced a lot in his life because of his origin and color. Read down to know what difficulties he had been through.

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Zayn Malik has a biracial origin. His father is from Pakistan and his mother from Ireland. So, he has faced a lot during the time he was brought up. He was taught to respect everyone for who they are, and in return, he will also receive respect.

Never did that happen, but he was looked down upon because he was a brown man. Now he opens up and says he is what he is and his origin is what he is. This cannot be changed. He knows that society has their own beliefs, and he is aware of that.

Zayn Malik has Islamophobia as well. Anyhow his beliefs are changing, and he has got  new reputation for himself. He has also seen discrimination in childhood for which he knows how it feels to be distinguished from others. He is also an active supporter of the Black Lives Matter protest.

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