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Verzuz Battle Poll, Choose Your Favourite In Instagram Live


Verzuz battle is something that has been in trend for years. This is not a battle of swords and guns; rather, it is the battle of lyrics and songs. The rules of verzuz battle are very simple. Two singers or rappers or songwriters compete live on Instagram, and the best one wins. The famous producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz have battled live on Instagram many times. This quarantine has witnessed a lot of amazing battles of Verzuz.

Timbaland and Swizz Beatz

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

The long lasted battle between the R&B Queens Brandy and Monica have also come to an end. The two have produced miraculous duets together titled, “The Boy is Mine”. The world is suffering from problems that it never expected. First comes coronavirus, second black lives matter, and finally police reformation bills. There are life losses and other problems that have created a lot of panic among the public. Verzuz plays a significant role in this, as well.

R&B Queens Brandy and Monica

What’s Verzuz Battle up to These Days

The Instagram song battles aim at producing the beat lyrics and songs. Hence, most of the current affairs are included as a subject in this. The process not only helps to spread awareness but also help in showing people what they don’t know. Besides the best music is produced in this war. What else is required for the development? Who is your favorite in the Verzuz battle? So far, there is a face-off between best-known stars, and one must watch at least one battle.


There are records broken every day due to this verzuz battle. There are even more people following the stars every day after watching the battle. You can also visit and find your favorite singer by clicking the link of Instagram given here. The appearance of the mega producers has made the quarantine even better for Verzuz fans.

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