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Ed Sheeran and Cherry on Cloud Nine Welcoming Daughter Lyra

The Perfect singer Ed Sheeran and wife Cherry welcomed a blessing in their lives. Their little daughter was born last week. This news was broken by Ed recently on his personal Instagram handle. Well, we do not have pictures of his daughter anymore. But we do know definitely that she must be a bundle of joy.


The Photograph singer broke the news of his baby daughter after a week of her being born. While on the one hand, fans are excited about this new addition to his family. On the other, they are eager to see what she looks like. But it looks like they will have to wait until this happens.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

In a recent Instagram post, Sheeran told all her fans that his baby daughter, Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran is healthy. He wrote that his wife is also doing good. The singer is thrilled to welcome his daughter, and it feels as if they are on the ninth cloud. No wonder the first-time parents are having the time of their lives welcoming their little daughter.

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Relationship History

Sheeran and Cherry got hitched last year. A year later, they graced us with the news of their baby. The Galway Girl singer met his wife when they were at primary school in England. After a long time, they ended up meeting and found love in one another. in 2018, the couple got engaged. Sheeran has currently taken his time off the public eye and social media to spend time with his family for two years.

Ed Sheeran and Cherry

This news of Ed becoming a father has gotten his fans excited. They cannot wait to see how their favorite singer’s little bundle of joy looks like. Let us hope we get to see her very soon.

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