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A$AP Mob Kicks-outs A$AP Ferg as Tension within Band Arises

To A$AP Ferg is no longer a part of the famous band A$AP Mob. Well, this isn’t official yet. But rumor has it had A$AP Mob is just done with Ferg’s tantrums, and they have taken an enormous step to eliminate this very problem.


A$AP Ferg is a sensational rapper himself. While his time in the band, he did manage to make some perfect music. But something went wrong between his and mates and him, and then things turned nasty between them.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

A$AP Illz created A$AP Mob. Soon after the inception of the band, A$AP Rocky and ASAP Ferg were added to the band. Both these new additions in the band started making their singles and gained much fame in no time. But then certain tension between Illz and Ferg ended up into the unfortunate removal of A$AP Ferg from the band. This news is not official yet as none of them or any of the band members have spoken on it.

A$AP Mob band members

Well, it is just a matter of time before we hear Ferg officially leaving A$AP Mob.

What’s A$AP up to These Days

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Still applying pressure

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A$AP Ferg is a known rapper in the rapper community. He has many singles to his name too. The Jet Lag singer has been working on his rapping career a lot lately. His recent collaboration with Lil Wayne for a new single is the recent project that he has been working on. But who knew we would have to hear about him leaving his band. This time the tussle between the two rappers got out of hand

It is almost official that Ferg will be leaving the band. This time the dispute between him and Illz turned ugly. while he ended up kicking him out. Let us hope Ferg keeps entertaining us with promising music no matter what.

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