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Johnny Depp Launches Fresh New Multi-Million Dollar Court Case against Amber Heard

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp‘s divorce and court battle keep getting messier and messier. The actress will have to brace herself for a second court case from her ex-husband. Besides, we all thought that the clash between the two couldn’t get any uglier. But it seems like it indeed can as Johnny prepares to slam another court case against Heard. On the other hand, a verdict in the High Court fight between Depp and The Sun is expected this week. 

Johnny Depp new court case

Depp Ready to Sue Heard for the Second Time

Moreover, the actress flew back from a short holiday in Turkey in anticipation of the verdict. While the verdict of the case between The Sun and Depp remains a mystery, Amber’s legal team has another thing to worry about. Johnny’s ready for another possible clash but this time in the American courts. The actress’s lawyers currently expect Depp to serve papers in the States. This can result in Amber having to give evidence about her domestic violence claims once more.

Johnny and Amber’s Domestic Violence Claims

If you haven’t kept up, Heard alleges that Johnny abused her for three years during their marriage. On the other hand, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has repeatedly denied her claims. Instead, he argues it’s the other way round and referred to his ex-wife as the violent one. Moreover, Depp provided a whole lot of evidence against Heard at London’s High Court last month. The actor accused her of domestically violating him and chopping off his finger on one occasion. 

Amber Heard

Heard Indirectly Called Depp a Wife-Beater

This time it’s over a column that Amber wrote back in December 2018 for the Washington Post newspaper. In the article, the actress called herself a pubic figure who represents domestic abuse. While the articles did not mention Depp, his lawyers argue it indirectly portrays him as a wife-beater. Besides, these allegations also cost him his precious Pirates of the Caribbean role. 

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorce

Amber’s Legal Team Worried about Depp’s Next Move

Meanwhile, an insider source disclosed that Amber’s lawyers seem super nervous. It appears as he will stop at nothing to ruin her as he prepares to sue her again in the States. No matter the verdict of his case against the Sun, Heard and her time will have to prepare for round two. However, the insider said that if Depp wins against the Sun, it’s over for them. 

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