Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Quest for Multi-Million Dollar Lavish Home Explore


Beyonce and Jay-Z live real big. This Hollywood couple has an estimated combined $1 billion yearly turnover. Their hard work pays them off huge loads of money. The duo thus never shies away from buying insanely expensive property.

They have a reputation for being extravagant when it comes to real estate deals. Let us explore bits of their multi-million dollar properties.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Mansions

Scattered Property of Beyonce and Jay-Z

This dynamic duo has mansions and houses at major prime destinations, from mansions in the Hamptons to villas in Malibu, the couple sports a huge number of real estate properties here and there.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Bel-Air Property

The power couple owns property in Bel-Air, which is like a dream house. It cost them $88 million. They bought it in the year 2017, and it was even listed as the most expensive property for that year. This house has eight bedrooms home, six buildings in all with several pools and a basketball court too. In addition to this, it houses a tennis court also.

Couple’s Hamptons Retreat

The famous couple owns some properties. But there is one home in which they spend a lot of time and, i.e. a luxe Los Angeles mansion that they had bought in 2017. The couple has a mansion in the Hamptons too which cost them $26 million. The Hamptons is a party retreat and a posh area. The very location of this place attracts huge sums of money.

Couple’s Endeavors for the Perfect Home

Jay-Z and Beyonce struggled much before landing onto the perfect home for themselves. Finally, they found their Bel-Air property to be the best option for them. After many quests, they found their home sweet home.

But before landing onto the best option for themselves, they did have to spend insanely huge amounts. But looks like that paid off well.


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