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Ariana Grande’s Eye-Catching Diamante Mask Perfectly Serving 2020 Goals

Ariana Grande’s new iconic makeup shows how fashion changes with the world. As the world is in between a pandemic, wearing masks has become mandatory. Hence Ariana’s new look of matching her eye makeup to her mask has become inspirational. Her pop star look with well defined iridescent eyeliner and over the top pigtails have become quarantine look goals.

Ariana’s Pop Star Look Break-up

After all, Ariana has proved to the world pop star beauty cannot be contained. Ariana has promptly used her indoor mask moment to match it with her perfect eye makeup. Her entire look from makeup to hair and even outfit has been over the top aesthetic vibes. Moreover, Ariana’s eye-catching look began with her diamante mask. However, the mask has become the most essential safe accessory of the moment. The sparkly mask had all the heads turn towards her.

Ariana’s Hair Game Levelled up her Look

However, she looks game leveled up with those humongous pigtails which had been inspired by Sailor Moon. She over the top ponytails were placed high on her head and had her blonde hair wrapped around them. Her sumptuous ponytails cascaded down to her waist in beautiful glossy ombre.

Ariana’s Makeup Game is all the Rage

However, alongside her beautiful hairdo and mask, her eye makeup had been quite inspirational. As lipsticks have taken a back seat, new eye makeup is having all the attention. Ariana Grande’s generously lashed eyelids had beautiful light-catching curvy graphical eyeliner. Her entire refractive frame teamed up with all the elements and had a beautiful unicorn-like look.

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Ariana’s Fans Were Thrilled with Her Pop Star Outlook

Ariana’s audience was floored with love and admiration over her new look. As the world is still in between a pandemic and concerts are a far away thought, Ariana’s new selfies and posts are very much welcomed by her audience. Moreover, even the star’s mirror selfie has her audience taking inspiration from her beautiful buttery yellow painted nails.

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