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Rosie O’Donnell Comes to Rescue Ellen DeGeneres, Amid Talk Show Scandal

Rosie O’Donnell has come to Ellen DeGeneres’ support which has received tons of backlash recently. O’Donnell, a popular daytime talk show host herself, feels that Ellen isn’t totally in the wrong. Rosie hosted her talk show, a popular one that too, from the years 1996 to 2002. Besides, Rosy recently said that you couldn’t fake your essence on a job like that. On a recent podcast, she revealed that she has compassion for DeGeneres. 

Rosie Calls Ellen Socially Awkward

Rosie O’Donnell supports Ellen

Besides, Ellen has faced a lot of hate and criticism in these past few months. Many claims about her ill and rude behavior have come into the spotlight. O’Donnell still has compassion for Ellen even after hearing about the various stories against her. Don’t get Rosie wrong; she understands the different stories but thinks that Ellen has some apparent social awkwardness. 

Three Senior Producers of the Talk Show Removed

Moreover, employees of The Ellen Show came forward with claims that the show, in reality, is nothing but toxic. Inexact words, they referred to the show as a toxic work environment and called her rude. An internal investigation took place, and three top producers had to take their leave. DeGeneres has had some celebrities and other talk show hosts on her show but not Rosie O’Donnell. Of course, this raised many questions which Rosie finally answered to. 

The Reason Behind Rosie not Attending The Ellen Show

And the actual reason is not what we expected. DeGeneres surprises most of the celebrities that come up on her show, and we have to admit, they’re quite hilarious. She has previously surprised Kris Jenner, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber amongst many others. Rosie never did The Ellen Show because she’s terrified that Ellen will scare her. And as Rosie said, will give her a heart attack. 

Ellen Apologies to Her 200+ Staff Members

The Ellen Show

Meanwhile, DeGeneres’ talk show, The Ellen Show will return after a long halt for its 18th season on the 14th of September. When asked about the recent toxicity claims, Ellen revealed that she would have a chat with the audience once her show resumes. She also apologized to more than 200 staff members on a video conference call last week. Ellen explained that she’s not perfect and in fact, an introvert. 

Ellen also called the recent claims heartbreaking and many untrue and crazy. Furthermore, she assured that the show will come back stronger and will be the best season they’ve had till now. 

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