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Kingdom Season 3 Renewal Status, Release Date and What to Expect

Kingdom Season 3 Trailer

 Sneak Peak into the Past

Netflix’s Kingdom is an outstanding South Korean series that popularly became one of the best Korean TV series. It is based on the genre of zombie-ism with a full tempering of horror and chaos. Till now, it has premiered two hit seasons, having a total of 12 episodes. And now it’s time for the 3rd one to hit the screen.

Kingdom Season 3 Sneak Peek

The prequels give us a full idea of Zombie and inculcated problems. Having some ides of China politics and secret plant sellers. Let’s see from which curve its Season 3 will start.

Renewal status of Season 3 

After an interview with screenwriter Kim Eun-hee and director Park In-Je, hints that there will be the 3rd season. But, more or less, there isn’t any official announcement.

But as due to the corona pandemic and all we cannot expect Kingdom Season 3 to hit the Netflix before 2022.

Cast and What to Expect from the Upcoming Season

Cast, which will have the confirm appearance in Kingdom Season 3, include Crown Prince Lee Chang played by Ju Ji-hoon, whereas Ryu Seung-Ryong can be seen as Cho Hak-Ju, Seo-bi played by Bae Doona, and Kim Sung-kyu can be seen as Yeong-Shin-Jein as well. There may be some variable faces apart from these characters.

Kingdom Season 3 Casts & plotline

Kingdom Season 3 can open up revealing about some of the secret plant sellers. Follow-up by answering the character of Jun Ji Hyun that sowed chaos everywhere wherever she move-on. Or, instead, she wants to spread Zombie so that China can attack the affected nation. Furthermore, there will be some more appearance of new in the 3rd season as well.

Synopsis of the Season

The prequels show the zombie-ism and politics that could help China to invade. So the 3rd season is most likely to become awaited one due to its popularity. While we would six or more than six episodes in Kingdom Season 3. Having an increased amount of Zombie and horror chaos.

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